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A Message from Westgate Community School
The last day of school is Friday, June 5th.  We will be sending a parent survey out the week of June 8th to solicit family feedback on preferences for next year.
The 'Possible Scenarios' slide deck presented by Ms. Collins at the May 29th Friday Community Connect is available in the column on the left.
On Advocacy Pages; From
-Click Academics
-Click Classroom Pages
-Click Grade
-Click the word ‘Period’ under the Teacher’s Advocacy Class.
NOTE: Grades 7/8 have everyone’s hours posted on Ms. Kaplan’s advocacy page.

SPECIALS TEACHERS - Posted on their Staff Pages
-Click Academics, Classroom Pages, Specials, Teacher's Names
Daneke Callahan, K-6 Assistant Principal & K-12 Special Populations

Wed; 11a.m.-12p.m.
email Ms. Callahan to request password


Amanda Novak, 7-12 Assistant Principal
Monday; 3:30-4:30p.m.
email Ms. Novak to request password

Ellyse Colson, Director of Academics
Tues; 10-11a.m.
email Ms. Colson to request password

Sharon Collins, Executive Director
Friday Community Connect via Zoom every Friday at 11a.m. Email Ms. Collins to request a one-on-one meeting.


Autumn Washington, Counselor
Please use the Counselor Request Form to schedule a meeting.


David Rowan, Restorative Practices Coordinator
Weekdays; By Request

email Mr. Rowan to request a meeting time and Zoom password

Q1.  Who do I contact with questions about or during distance learning?
A1.  First your student's advocacy teacher, then the team lead, then Assistant Principal and finally Executive Director.

If you do not get a response with 48 hours please move to the next level to ensure proper communication during distance learning.


Q2.  What can I expect for teacher engagement?

 A2. Advocacy – Each Teacher will plan at least one Advocacy Class Meeting each week through Zoom.  Check the Advocacy page for link access.

Office Hours for parents and students – Teachers will offer two times per week they will host office hours.  Some teachers will offer Zoom conferencing for Office Hours. Please check Teacher pages for link access.

Teachers will be looking at and responding to student work ongoing – You should be hearing from teachers on a regular basis (at least once a week) about your child’s progress.

Response time to email questions – Please allow teachers 48 hours to reply to emails once distance learning begins.  Teachers are not expected to answer emails during Spring Break.


Q3.  Who do I contact if I'm having technical difficulties?
A3.Problem with Software?

Please contact your Advocate if you are experiencing problems with programs or software being utilized during Distance Learning. You may also want to reach out through the software resources. They may be able to troubleshoot their software issues better than we.


Problem with a school device?

Please fill out a Tech Ticket available through the website or here.  We apologize we will not be able to help with devices that are not owned by the school.

Q4.  How do I contact school administrators and other staff who are not teachers?
A4.  All staff members, including those in non-teaching positions are available by email; virtual meetings via Zoom will be scheduled as needed.  Please follow the communications pathway for student-centered questions.  Send general questions to; it is being monitored daily.
Q5.  Is there a possibility the school-year will be extended?
A5.  No.
Q6.  Will yearbooks be available?
A6.  Yes.  You can order yearbooks online at Entourage Yearbooks for $30 thru April 28th.  Yearbooks will be delivered in late May.