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The Chicken Coop


Hi Folks! More and more of our ladies are laying, as we refine our system for egg collection. If you would like a one-of-a-kind carton of Westgate's farm fresh eggs, please email me at Chandra.Valenza@westgateschool.org. If you are interested in becoming an Official Chicken Tender, please email me about that as well. It's fun and very sweet to do with kiddos in the morning or the evening. Also, it only gets easier as the sunrise and sunset get closer together! Let me know :) Thank you!

Much Gratitude to the Chicken Tenders - and Invitation for More!

Greetings Chicken People! As we head back to school for this exciting new year, I have a big "thank you" for all the Chicken Tenders who showed up morning and evening to care for our beautiful flock of hens! They were attentive to their needs, watering and feeding them each day, and counting them as they returned to the coop each night.
Thank you so much!